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I’m going to continue to post links to the page for different rewards programs and information! Also, if anybody has any interest in links to websites that deliver free sample of all different kinds of items and accessories to your home, leave a comment somewhere and let me know.




The Season is Over — Time to Move On

Hi everyone! I just wanted to make a post about frequently asked questions and the Twitter explosion of tweets since this season of Big Brother has ended.

First of all – It is time to move on. No more bashing, please! Aaryn is over with. Amanda is over with. They’ve all moved on and are in their regular lives now. Andy won the game and he DESERVED it. He needs the money — plus he played a very brilliant and ratty game. BIG BROTHER = BACKSTABBING. Get it in your heads, fans!

Just keep your tweets reasonable and ask the houseguests questions. There is no need to explode at them (although a lot of the explosions are being re-tweeted)

You’re either going to have to wait until Big Brother Canada or Big Brother 16. Until then, keep it classy!



Big Brother 15 Ends

Thanks EVERYBODY for a…mediocre…season..! Haha. Just kidding. It was pretty good. Tune in next season for the #BB16 page. Until then, you can see me tweet on Twitter about Survivor Blood vs. Water & Big Brother Canada! (Here is my Twitter)

Ps. I may have a Big Brother Canada page up when the season starts! Stay tuned for more info.

Thank You

Why Andy Herren Deserves to Win Big Brother

A post on Facebook as to why I think Andy should win Big Brother 15:


Sorry, but this game is about backstabbing, betraying, and strategy. Andy did all of that. GinaMarie talked crap about Candice, Amanda, Andy, Aaryn, Howard, Spencer, McCrae, etc. and she hid behind Aaryn and only made a big move after she was gone. Spencer just floated and was used as a pawn the whole game. Andy was in two successful alliances and actually played the game. He deserves to win the most out of all of them and any super fan of the show would agree. (People who so far agree: Ian Terry, Danielle Reyes, Clio The Leo, Rob Cesternino, Helen [in Jury], and more past houseguests on Twitter then I can say. So that’s that. People don’t want him to win because he talked crap about Elissa. OH WELL! If you’re in a house for 90 days without nothing to do you’re going to say some stuff that you’ll regret! If you are actually a REAL fan of the show you will set personal vendettas aside and look at STRATEGY. GM’s strategy was to long for Nick’s return all summer long. It’s funny how so many people have suddenly forgot about what GinaMarie said to Candice at her eviction. “At least my mom loves me.” “At least I have a real mom” COME ON. Andy was responsible for Nick’s eviction in week 2 along with Helen. He partly orchestrated Amanda’s demise with the Exterminators. He gave false promises to Elissa and shocked both her and Amanda at the Double Eviction. He made Amanda think he was so loyal that Amanda booted out Aaryn without a second thought and then she was booted out right after! Again, look at the strategy and game play. Sorry for the rant.


Andy and Helen