Super Tuesday Results

Romeny may have won most of the states on Super Tuesday this week, but when you look at the real results, you’d be surprised. The only reason that Romney won the states that he has won is because of the wealthy. Exit polls in both Michigan and Ohio show voters making more than $100,000 per year turning out in much higher numbers this year than they did in 2008. And in both cases, they might well have provided the difference for Romney. In both cases, the number of wealthy voters grew by about 50 percent- interesting, huh? It just goes to show how much the rich care about Romney and how much Romney cares about the rich! Romney has to face the obvious truth- he is out of touch with the average American. And no Mitt, singing Davy Crockett and telling reporters that you enjoy firing people won’t help your campaign out.

In other news, Representitive Marcy Kaptur(D) has beat Representitive Dennis Kucinich(D) in the newly reconfigured Ninth Congressional District here in Ohio on Tuesday. What’s next for Kucinich? Don’t expect him to go away quietly. He still has nine more months in office. He will most likely use those months to fuel his antiwar positions and his passion for the working man.

Thanks for reading!
-Mark Reinecke


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