One Takes Kansas and the Other Takes Wyoming

On Saturday, Mitt Romney won the Wyoming caucuses and Rick Santorum won the Kansas caucuses. Mitt Romney showed strength in Wyoming, but Rick Santorum creamed him in Kansas. Romney, as usual, had the support of the wealthy. Santorum had the evangelicals at his side. It was a definite showdown for delegates. Unfortunately for Romney, Santorum won the most delegates. Santorum won a surprising 36 delegates, while Romney only swept in 14. Here’s the problem hanging over Romney right now- if you outspend your opponent in a major state, such as Ohio, you’re expected to win. Romney did that, but only by a little tiny margin. It just goes to show that Republicans are saying “Oh, Romney? Yeah …I guess he’ll do.” Romney is doing nothing but throwing an unfair campaign. But the funny thing isn’t that he’s throwing an unfair campaign in which he outspends his threats 12/1, it’s that he’s doing that and still only winning by a little teeny tiny small amount in the major states!

-Mark Reinecke


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