Game of Thrones Season 4: What To Expect

So – this last season of HBO’s show Game of Thrones was great. Near the end there was lots of bloodshed and tears, but hey, it’s based off an epic fantasy series by George R.R. Martin; who loves to kill his characters.

Red Wedding

This aspect of the show is great though. It makes you think, is my favorite person safe? Could Cersei have too much sex with Osmund Kettleback and die? No. But it’s always great to speculate!

Now that the Red Wedding and the finale have passed, what can we expect now? Well I can tell you a little of what I think. But warning! There are spoilers ahead for George’s book A Feast For Crows.

Season four is going to be a bit crazy at first, only because season three could not fit all of book three’s juicy plot line into script. I’m guessing in the first few episodes Joffrey’s wedding with Margaery Tyrell will take place. Well, the wedding may be pretty, but not the wedding feast. In the book, during Joffrey’s wedding feast, he gets poisoned. And yes, he dies. Cersei screams, Margaery is shocked, Sansa runs, and Tyrion stares dumbfounded. Unfortunately, our fan favorite dwarf gets the blame for the poisoning because of Cersei’s hate of him. (Also because he was seen getting Joffrey wine as punishment for talking back to him during the feast.)

I know what some of you may be thinking. Great, Joffrey is dead and sweet little  Tommen can be king. Tyrion will be proven not guilty and all in King’s Landing will be great. Um, no way!

Tyrion gets imprisoned and Cersei grieves over her son’s death. Lord Tywin is cool and calm as usual. I don’t want to give too much away, but Tyrion will not go down without a fight, and our plump little friend Varys will have a huge part in what happens to him next. Expect Prince Oberyn of Dorne to have some part in the Kings Landing political battles too.

Jamie is back, and he’ll have a part in what happens to Tyrion.

Brienne of Tarth will resume her hunt for Sansa, but she may get into some trouble…

There will be more deaths…perhaps even a Lion of the Rock!

My parting words are: Do not underestimate the power of Lord Petyr Baelish. What he does this season will probably blow your mind. Remember, you either win or die in the Game of Thrones.


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