June 30th – Random Gossip

I would like to start off by saying that Ian McKellin has filmed his final scene EVER as Gandalf. (It was his last scene in the third Hobbit movie)

I think that’s pretty important. (I know, geeky, haha!)



I’d also like to take a second to thank all who come for coming! I’m so grateful for you guys checking out what I write.

Julian Assange – (the head of wikileaks) is running for a senate seat in Australia. That’s pretty freaky, right? He’d probably spy on all Australians!


There were lots of gay pride events in the US on Sunday. Some in major cities. It was all because of the restoration of same-sex marriage in California. Hell, have fun everyone!



In more crazy news, there is record breaking heat in the western United States this week. It reached 118 degrees F. in Las Vegas on Saturday. I’d be running for the nearest McDonald’s with AC. sun


Jessica Simpson gave birth to her son today! Awesome- good luck Jessica! (Even though you will never read this)



I think that’s all of watered down commentary I’ll be giving today! Check back later, guys.


P.S. I’d really be thankful if you could spread the word around about the website. I’d love more viewers. And if anyone is interested in leaving me any comments, go ahead! I’ll reply to any and all.


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