Big Brother 15

Thanks EVERYBODY for a…mediocre…season..! Haha. Just kidding. It was pretty good. Tune in next season for the #BB16 page. Until then, you can see me tweet on Twitter about Survivor Blood vs. Water & Big Brother Canada! (Here is my Twitter)

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Ladies and gentleman, we are at the final 7! Our crazy friend GinaMarie is HoH and we can expect a crazy week ahead. First off, I think it is absolutely HILARIOUS that McCranda thinks their safe. Those two are about to go on the block and they don’t even expect it! Long live the Exterminators. Now, please pray with me. AMANDA. MCCRAE. DO NOT WIN VETO!


Aaryn is HoH + Amanda is in the house = Helen leaving

Aaryn was stupid and for some reason put up Spencer next to Helen when the POV was used by Elissa. Helen will most likely be going home. There was a plan to possibly backdoor Amanda, but Aaryn put it down (god knows why) and Spencer is on the block. This is ridiculous! These houseguests are so afraid to make moves, they should all be considered nerd-herd #2!

After the POV Ceremony, this is a good depiction of how I feel.

After the POV Ceremony, this is a good depiction of how I feel.

Jessie will be going home on Thursday. She tried to play it cool, but she blew it. She got into arguments with Elissa, Helen, Aaryn, etc. As predicted, this was a boring and sleepy week up until now. Jessie’s sassy behavior is quite fun to watch. She’ll have to keep these boring people on their toes.

Check out some various Big Brother sites to find flashback times on the live feeds to these arguments. Very entertaining to watch!

I’m kind of sad Jessie is leaving. She was the only one willing to put up Amanda…the only one willing to make a big move. Oh, and if you didn’t already know, Andy won POV and didn’t use it. (Yawn)

Wow! What an eviction episode that was! I have to say, I haven’t been off the edge of my seat like that since…hmmm…a long time ago! Judd as the replacement nominee was completely dumbfounding to me. I had heard that Amanda, Helen, Andy, Aaryn, etc. had been contemplating doing this if there was a Double Eviction, but I never saw it coming. Now that is true Big Brother.

A few hours after the live show ended, Andy was crowned HoH. This is his first HoH, and a very predictable week at that. This week in a nutshell: Jessie and Spencer nominated, PoV competition takes place, if Jessie or Spencer win, GinaMarie is replacement nominee. Jessie gets sent home in either scenario. Yawn, how boring compared to THAT Double Eviction!


While waiting for tonight’s Double Eviction, check out my Yahoo! Contributor page.

I think it’s pretty obvious now that Candice is going home. This is unfortunate, because she is hardly a threat. If GinaMarie only knew what a good HoH she could have. These people think Amanda is protecting them, but she is really talking shit about all of them! These people need to use their eyes and ears and get rid of Amanda. It won’t happen this week, or maybe even in the Double Eviction on Thursday, but it should!

After Candice’s eviction, I’m expecting a quick mental competition. Who will win? We’ll have to see. Maybe Judd the Stud will surprise us all and pull another win out of thin air.

After this quick HoH, a nomination ceremony will promptly take place. Then, another quick and LIVE Power of Veto competition will be fought out. After the POV is won, the POV Ceremonly will begin. Then, a final eviction will take place. This is a lot in one night.

Also, there will be another HoH Thursday night as well. It won’t be live on television, but the live feeders will get the results a few hours after the show is over. It will be very exiting for all of us!

We have a winner! And the Power of Veto goes to…Jessie! Good for her. Maybe she can get some camera time now, damn floater!

It seems that these dimwitted houseguests are not even considering getting rid of Amanda. She is the third nominee two weeks in a row, get a clue houseguests!

In the POV Competition:

Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas

Judd won $5000

Candice has to wear a clown suit for the rest of the week

Amanda has a 48 hour tanning punishment

GinaMarie has to wear a dog collar/cone

Amanda is still freaking people out, crying, yelling, fighting, and worrying. McCrae is her damage-controller. Right now she SEEMS to be safe, but lets hope that changes

On Monday, Jessie will use the POV to take herself off the block and Spencer will most likely go up in her place.

GinaMarie is the new Head of Household! The first three who dropped out of the competition had a chance to pick a box that had something in it. Spencer, Helen, and Candice were the first three to drop. (Spencer got a megaphone, Candice got $5,000 and Helen won a Barbeque in the backyard that she could take three people to!

Spencer and his megaphone

Spencer and his megaphone

Howard was evicted in a vote of 7-1. In an after-show interview, he answered some questions about the controversy that dawned when he whispered the unknown comments into Amanda’s ear. (Which led her to tell everyone in the house that he whispered that he wanted to f**k her so bad.)

Howard comments

I’m sure that this HoH will be interesting. GinaMarie is a colorful figure, but the question is: will she pull any unexpected nominations and make the HOUSE more colorful. We won’t know for a few hours. When her nominations are announced, I’ll post about it here.

What I’m really waiting for is the third nominee. I’m hoping it is Amanda. Most polls on various Big Brother sites/blogs have confirmed that, overwhelmingly, people are picking Amanda. Last night during the HoH Competition, I was disgusted with McCrae. When it came down to him and GM, GinaMarie promised him and Amanda safety along with at least three nights in the HoH room bed for themselves. STILL, McCrae wouldn’t drop. He’s already been HoH and had the comforts of the room.  He only wants to use the room as a f**k cave for him and Amanda. He then fell in the competition and embarrassed himself. Glad GM is HoH. Since nobody wants to vote McCrae for the third nominee I will do the next best thing: Amanda.

Who do YOU want as the third nominee?

Who is going home tonight? Well…Howard. Sorry Howard fans, but it’s a definite! Maybe he’ll have a chance to come back later on. Howard has been praying hardcore for the past few days. Poor guy. It’s sad to see such a genuine and honest person lose a chance to win $500,000 (Money that could really help his life.)

After Howard leaves, a very important Head  of Household competition will be played out. Unfortunately, we won’t have a winner announced until after the live broadcast is over. Why? Because it’s an endurance! At 5:00am YESTERDAY, the houseguests were locked out of the backyard for construction for the HoH Competition. The Backyard has been closed since then. (This means over 36 hours of construction.) I’m guessing this is going to be a big endurance. And, based off of the current sketchy mood of the house, it is going to take a long time to play out.

Maybe our yoga instructor Elissa will win, or the slender pizza boy McCrae.

Whoever wins will have a heavy week on their shoulders. Tell me, who would you like to win the HoH tonight?

Spencer is the winner of the Golden Power of Veto and will take himself off the block on Monday, going up in his place will almost certainly be Candice. Amanda is still very emotional after finding out that she is the third nominee. Yesterday she was crying, threatening, and pouting. America, you really freaked her out! The house was not expecting that at all. Amanda and McCrae were really freaking out people yesterday. The majority of people on the net want Amanda to be sent packing. But, unfortunately, it will probably be Howard. BUT, anything can happen in the Big Brother house. The eviction isn’t until four days from now.


Howard and Spencer are the two nominees. This isn’t much of a surprise, so now we have to just wait and see who wins PoV. They competed in a Have/Have-Not Challenge.  Amanda, Candice, Judd, and GinaMarie are the Have-Not’s. PoV competition is later today. Also, we have America’s nominee being revealed in the house later today as well. I think it’s too late for a poll, so just comment on who you think it is! Right now, Aaryn is playing it safe. She nominated the people that the majority of the house agreed on (Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Elissa, Helen, Judd, GinaMarie, Jessie, etc.) Some of the other houseguests wish that she would have made a bolder move and shook things up with her HoH. It’s not too late for Aaryn to make better use of her HoH if Howard wins PoV…

Aaryn is HoH and we have two nominees being named later today. Based on what I heard last night, Spencer and Howard will be the ones going up on the block. BUT, there is a possibility that Elissa will be going up instead of one of those two. Many of the houseguests confused me yesterday. Helen was one of them, saying to Aaryn that she would be on board with putting Elissa on the block and then telling other houseguests she is trying to keep Elissa off the block.  We can also expect a Have / Have-not competition today.

Since Monday, my opinion has definitely changed on a few things. First off, I don’t know if I like Elissa anymore. She has been acting like an over-emotional brat. Yelling at people for no reason and scrutinizing several houseguests is no way to win the game. Go home to your local church, cry-baby. She needs to apologize to some people and shape up her game, because right now it is sloppy.

Second off, I do expect Kaitlin to be the one going home tonight. This saddens me, because I’ve actually grown to like her a little. GinaMarie is not going anywhere in the mean time, apparently Aaryn either.

The HoH competition is going to be a crap-shoot. This means that any houseguest could win. There was a practice set-up of the HoH Competition in the backyard tonight. Andy was the person who did the best at the practice version.

Earlier today, Elissa took herself off the block and GinaMarie was nominated in her place. Do I think America voted this way? No. I believe that Amanda should have gone up based off of the many polls I’ve seen. Would CBS ever show us the results? No. The only reason they want Amanda in the house is for drama. But, GinaMarie is an “okay” choice as well. If she was evicted on Thursday, I do believe that would be a horrible waste of an HoH. From a strategic stand point, Judd would be better off telling the houseguests to vote Kaitlin off. This way, there are two bigger targets than him left in the house (Aaryn and GinaMarie) and at the same time he gets rid of a huge competition threat (Kaitlin.)

Today is Monday. Do you know what that means? Yes! The PoV ceremony. Elissa will be taking herself off the block and a houseguest will go up in her place. Who will it be? Hell if I know! Somehow, Big Brother managed to put one of the most liked player’s this season on the block as the third nominee, so for all I know the replacement nominee could be Sheila from Season 9!

Again, I hope it is Amanda. Or GinaMarie.


Check back later for more info on the replacement nominee.

The feeds are back and Elissa has won the PoV! Great news. It sounds like the competition was a punishment/reward that had several different aspects. So far I know that McCrae won $5,000 and Judd has to go into solitary confinement for 24 hours. Now that America’s…supposed…nominee is going to take herself off, who will go up in her place? I have no answer to that. It’s all up to Big Brother.

Today is a sad day, well, for me. I started my Big Brother catch up today by discovering that Elissa is America’s nominee! WHAT?! It is quite painful. My prediction before was that it would either be Amanda, GinaMarie, or Spencer. Wow, I was very wrong. Aaryn and Kaitlin were our first and second choices on the poll, I’m sure. But when it came down to #3…it may have been Elissa. There was lots of confusion and many people were still voting for who they wanted to be MVP. This is production’s fault though. They should have better informed America of the rules and procedure of the vote. Now, here is what I think went on here. I think Allison Grodner and other producers directed Elissa to be nominated to start more drama in the house. Bad move by them, because now America is pissed. We’ll just have to see who wins veto today and take it from there.

With Judd our new HoH and his two nominees set, it is going to be a long week. Aaryn and Kaitlin are on the chopping block and a third nominee will be announced tomorrow. Now, this may cause some problems. Most people have voted for Aaryn and Kaitlin as the third nominee on the CBS Big Brother poll. Well, they’re both nominated by Judd, which means that the person with the next highest amount of votes will be nominated. This could either be Amanda, Spencer, or GinaMarie. I can tell you that it’s going to be close and frightening. At this point, I’m hoping it will be either Amanda or GinaMarie. Amanda has been doing nothing but bossing houseguests around from the plump cushions of the Cocktail Lounge. Not to mention her constant fondling of McCrae. Did you come to the house to win $500,00 or f**k a pizza delivery boy all night! GinaMarie is just plain annoying. Her whole Nick fiasco and her sob stories last week and this week are totally turning me off. Just another case of a wasted houseguest. One of these two women need to be nominated! Also on the agenda tomorrow, the PoV Competition. Who will win? We’ll have to see! Check back later for more updates!

Judd is the new HoH

Judd is the new HoH

Jeremy will be evicted tonight and there will be an HoH Competition almost immediately afterwards. Who will win that HoH? I couldn’t tell you. It will be a crap-shoot based off of the answers from the royalty vote questions we were asked yesterday. Now that the “Cherokee wonder” will be gone, I hope it is Elissa or Andy that wins.

Today, in the outside world, we got to have some fun! Big Brother opened a new poll on the CBS website that questioned us on which houseguests that we would like to bestow royal titles upon! You can access the poll here:

A BB Royalty Vote

A BB Royalty Vote

Some senior Big Brother fans may know that this means a mental HoH competition is coming on Thursday that will ask the houseguests THESE questions and the answers will be determined by which houseguests we answered!

In my personal prayers, I hope Elissa or Andy wins and nominates Aaryn for eviction AGAIN. We can expect Jeremy to be leaving tomorrow.

Elissa is tired of Jeremy's begging

What happened in the big brother house today? Well. Howard had a full frontal slip after a shower ( You can view that here ) and Jeremy did some more sucking up to the majority of the house. It looks like they aren’t falling for it, though it may seem like they are. I think they are just telling Jeremy what he wants to hear so that he will leave them alone. At this point, it would be a HUGE mistake to keep Jeremy in the game. Everything coming out of his mouth is lies, bullshit, and CRAP. He would completely turn his back on Helen and whoever else and protect his sweet little Kaitlin by whatever means.

As expected, Kaitlin has used the PoV on herself and Helen has nominated Jeremy in Kaitlin’s place. Sorry, Jeremy. Your sudden niceness and hospitality isn’t going to change the minds of any of the houseguests you bullied. GOODBYE!

It is Monday and the Power Of Veto Ceremony is today. We can expect Kaitlin to take herself off the block and have Helen nominate Jeremy in her place. Yesterday, a bashing took place of Jeremy and Aaryn for a very long time in the HoH Room. It seems like Helen and the rest of them are fed up with the two, but things can change! Expect the unexpected.

I don't trust that smile.

I don’t trust that smile.

Jeremy played the game too hard too fast.

Jeremy played the game too hard too fast.

I really think Jeremy could have gone far in this game. Unfortunately, he played too hard too fast. He was way too arrogant. He thought he was better than everyone else. Bad social game. Bye, Cherokee.

Kaitlin knows that Jeremy will be going up. Jeremy knows too. I think the stress is getting to him. Look at this picture of him breaking out in pimples!

Jeremy is breaking out!

Jeremy is breaking out!

Feeds are back and it is confirmed Kaitlin won the PoV. At this point, I assume Kaitlin thinks that Howard will be nominated once she takes herself off the block with the veto. How wrong she is. Jeremy will be back-doored by Elissa. (At least we think) But a lot can change in a few days. Expect the unexpected!

Houseguests are playing for PoV right now. Helen, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Spencer, GinaMarie, and Candice are playing. The plan is for whoever wins it to take a houseguest off the block (preferably Spencer) and back door Jeremy. If this goes through, Jeremy will MOST LIKELY be evicted. Feeds have been on trivia for about three hours now.

Glad to see Aaryn and Kaitlin nominated. Hopefully the MVP (who will probably be Elissa) will nominate Howard and he will win the POV. Then, Jeremy can successfully be backdoored. I realize that all of us may have different opinions on this fantastic show, but I think most people can agree that Aaryn and Jeremy are fuckers.

WOW. All I have to say is wow. Last night was spectacular. It was amazing. Nick was evicted by a vote of 7-4. I have to be honest, all week I thought it was going to be Elissa going home. I was sure of it. THEN, on eviction eve, everything changed. Helen and Andy got their game shoes on and started campaigning to tons of houseguests as to why Elissa should stay over Nick. By the time the Big Brother alarms went off and everybody started rushing to the backyard to memorize items for the HoH competition, Jessie, Amanda, McCrae, and Spencer were on board with the plan to vote Nick out. In the snap of a finger, Helen and Andy caused the Moving Company alliance to crumble and saved Elissa from an almost certain eviction. Good for them.

Things only got worse after the eviction. GinaMarie cried all night. Aaryn flipped Candice and Howard’s bed. The Mean Girls yelled at Jessie and Candice and Judd. McCrae revealed the former Moving Company alliance to Amanda. Amanda screamed at the Mean Girls. It all goes on! This is the Big Brother I like to see. This is what we’ve been waiting for. The next few days are certainly going to be drama packed, so keep updated friends!

The Nasty Trio

The Nasty Trio

Ever since I found out that Aaryn became HoH I’ve been sick. Sick of seeing her face, sick of hearing her attitude, and sick of her racist comments. I pray to all Big Brother gods that Aaryn and Jeremy be evicted as soon as possible.

Jeremy winning PoV after Elissa nominated him is also something I’ve disliked. I REALLY wanted Jeremy gone. Now I’ll have to deal with him and my favorite player thus far (Elissa) may be going home.

Now that Nick is on the block I’m hoping that he goes home. Nothing against him, but I like Helen and Elissa. I’m always attracted to the under dogs.

Lets wait until Wednesday for more stuff to happen. (And we get to see who the surprise houseguest visiting is.)

A great description of Aaryn

A great description of Aaryn

Spencer is stupid for calling Andy “Kermit the Fag.” Some of the girls too (GinaMarie, Aaryn, etc..) Too many racist and homophobic comments this early in the game. CBS will bleep it all out though.

Wow. Pretty cool premiere. This cast is definitely the most diverse I’ve seen in Big Brother history. (Except maybe Season 6 or 10)

I am ehh on Andy, Helen isn’t really doing anything. Judd isn’t doing anything either. It seems that a lot of the guys are calling the shots so far (McCrae, Jeremy, etc..)  Jeremy, in my opinion, sucks. I actually may hate him this early in the game! Surfer dude David is annoying and says “like” waaaaay too much. Amanda is annoying. Candice is annoying! Right now, I’m kind of disappointed. I always seem to like the game better when three or four people are evicted.

Also, something that surprised me was McCrae’s sudden wish to win competitions. He won the PoV yesterday (June 27th) and we already know he won HoH. I thought he was going to be a floater.

If you want to have great Big Brother updates and some moderate commentary, be sure to visit

I don’t really like commenting things this early in the game. Maybe I’ll update next week when there is a new HoH (I hope they evict David, or better, Jeremy. But he isn’t on the block!)

You will find some links and general talk about Big Brother on this page starting June 26th after the premiere. Please visit!

Interior Plates

I will say a few things right NOW though. I’m really interested to see what happens this season. I love Big Brother with a passion. The alliances, the fights, the greed, the power. If you haven’t already read, there are no nomination chairs this season. crazy, right? I can’t wait to see what that’s all about. Julie Chen also announced that America will play a stronger part in nominations and such this season. Well, great. I’m tired of voting for beans and barley in the “have not food vote!”

So far we have learned that three people will be nominated each week and that America will be able to vote for an MVP each week. (I think that’s just an excuse for Grodner and other producers to do whatever they want.)

I like these twists, though. They’re new and fresh and I’m totally ready to see some drama this summer.

Based off of all of the interviews I’ve seen, I’m going to say that the two most strategic and MVP worthy are Helen and Andy. Andy has a masters degree in communication and teaches public speaking at a college. He also does improv. He’s the perfect person to fill in the manipulative and smart role this year. Helen is a 37 year old political consultant from Virginia. She does not want the houseguests to know about her political background because she thinks they may find her sneaky. (Good thinking.) I think Helen has a great chance in going far because  of her campaign background. She may get people to her side and totally win competitions when she needs. She may be the oldest person in the house this season, but I would not underestimate her!



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